Welcome to the new chapter of Liquidcoast

Welcome to the new chapter of Liquidcoast

Every organization has a purpose, a mission and a reason for creation. Some are built from a unique mindset that they want to bring to the world. Others are developed through a group in a garage, trying to think differently. The reality is that there is no single recipe or formula for why humans create a concept or a business. Because of that, some are still holding to their original idea over one hundred years later, while others pivot with time, economy or passion.

Liquidcoast Inc. was created in 1995 and needed a name that captured the pride of the country, province and coastal background. Although the first concept was distributing air brushed cellular phone cases for Nokia 232's (consult your history books), it did not stop there.

Years later Liquidcoast became Liquidcoast Designs Inc. where a family-run business would host and create websites for individuals and companies in a very GeoCities style. This kept the name alive for many years until Liquidcoast became the parent company for Good Game Media.

GGM had a simple concept, a team of 4 who would connect with gaming studios, ask them for donations or purchase items from them. Then asking directors, producers, QA, art, music teams to sign them. Once they were received, pictures would be taken and then GGM would auction them off. The profit raised from those items then went to the Child's Play Charity. The concept of Child's Play was perfectly aligned with GGM. In a world where shock news always caught the front page, we wanted to showcase game creators, gamers and the communities doing the right thing.

GGM then expanded in both team members and in projects including online comics, live streaming, podcasts, game reviews, event coverage, merchandise including home printing press of books, shirts, buttons and so much more.  This made every day an adventure, although I had to work hard, it was a pleasure being with great friends who had a similar passion.

Not all bands, families or companies last forever and the 4 primary pillars of GGM eventually went their separate directions.

In 2018, Liquidcoast created a home brew studio for Good Game Media. Streaming live games, podcasts covering events while adapting and changing the studio look and technology every single broadcast. This carried on until 2019 when the studio moved to Northern British Columbia, and yet another chapter took place.

In 2020, Liquidcoast closed the doors on Good Game Media, and joined with UNLTD Media. Together two experienced owners looked to bring events, conventions, festivals, film, productions and stories to life for northern capital.

Then... COVID.  I am sure that is a statement that will be on the history books of everyone who owned a company in 2020.  The former UNLTD studio was able to host Northern FanCon's FanConFromHome and bring together a global community for what was one of the first digital conventions in an uncertain time. Beyond this point Liquidcoast was finding new ways to pivot and still create while being unable to gather masses together.

Then, almost one year to the day, UNLTD and Liquidcoast separated. Although both owners felt strongly about the mission behind UNLTD Media, it was obvious that the statement “divide and conquer” was never more fitting than 2021.

And now, at the time of this writing, you are caught up. Liquidcoast Entertainment Inc. and Good Game Media are back and ready to take on 2021 and beyond.

What can you expect from the new site? Well for one, we are cleaning out all the storage, all of it. Over the last couple of decades, we have purchased and acquired many items, each with a story, and the GGM blog will cover these stories. The shop will then have items up for sale, some priced to go and others only for the serious collectors.  We will post images and shots across all of our social platforms and for some items that have already been opened, we may even do a re-unboxing.

What happens when all the collectibles are gone? While that is only part of the fun as we re-launch the Liquidcoast Network.

March 2021 will see streaming back in action (MrFantail), 2 new podcasts and eventually the library of old shows will find their way back to this site.

Thank you so much for checking out Liquidcoast, reading through the story so far, following our social sites, and sharing when appropriate.  To you all, I say... Good Game.

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